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"Cute Little Lenormand" 36 Card Lenormand Deck by Sara M Lyons
  • "Cute Little Lenormand" 36 Card Lenormand Deck by Sara M Lyons

    Get to know the simple, intuitive art of Lenormand with Cute Little Lenormand!

    This colorful, modern take on a classic divination deck is desgined to spark inspiration, offer clarity, and even hint at what the future might hold. Author and illustrator Sara M. Lyons has given this historical card deck a contemporary makeover with updated illustrations and inclusive language that invites everyone to see themselves in the cards. Written with the newbie in mind, Cute Little Lenormand includes a guidebook along with a complete 36 Card Lenormand Deck, so you can start working with the cards right away!

    Cute Little Lenormand includes explenations for each of the cards and walks you through how to read, from your first vignette all the way ip to a 36 card grand tableau. Fun exercises will help you hone your reading skills and explore the rich meanings of the symbols. 

    Whether you're querying the cards about love or your next career move, using them as part of a magical practice or as a way to tap into your own intuition, Cute Little Lenormand is the perfect guide. 



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