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Annick is wise beyond her years and has a heart bigger than most. She is fiercely loyal and infinitely compassionate, quietly strong yet so soft; it is a joy to watch her grow and become more of herself in Canada. Annick is a wonderful mother, she has shown that no matter what life brings she will put a smile on her face, get to where she is going, and beguile everyone along the way, we are so fortunate to have her managing Good Stuff we could not be in better hands.





Annick comes from the Netherlands. Amsterdam to be specific. As the store manager she keeps everything running smoothly and keeps us all on time and on track. She is definitely a numbers girl and takes care of any paperwork and number crunching that is needed. She has a wild sense of humour and contagious smile. Annick loves cheese and getting to know all of our customers in a way that makes them feel special and important which is just one of her many incredible qualities.


Annick is basically a celebrity at our store as most people know. She has never met a person whose heart she hasn’t stole with her radiant smile, cheeriness and beautiful heart. Anyone who knows her is better because of it, She is inspiring and a testament to the saying “you can easily judge the character of a person by how they treat those who can do nothing for them”. She is so selfless and always thinking of others and it’s that thoughtfulness that makes me sure she has and will continue to touch peoples lives for the better for the rest of her life. She is so dedicated and loyal and I can’t imagine a better person to work alongside and have as a teammate.



Almost daily I find myself saying: We would be lost without Annick. Her hard work and dedication is unmatched. I consider myself very privileged be her friend. Annick is one of the strongest people I know and has overcome more thAn she will ever let on too, she is humble and kind and would help anyone without judgement. Her heart has no bounds and she spreads good vibes like it’s her second job or third not sure how many jobs she really does. She moved from the other side of the globe and chose our little store in trail B.C. to put down roots and we can’t thank you enough for being on our team.





Taryn is bubbly and full of life; she is determined and resilient in her work. She will find a way to complete her work even if multiple roadblocks pop up and is undeterred if it doesn’t pan out the first time. Taryn puts all of who she is into everything she sets her mind to and will work tirelessly to get it just right. I am proud to have Taryn as a key member of or Good Stuff team.




Taryn - noun.

1. A ball of goofiness.

2. Covered in dog hair.

3. Runs on coffee.

4. Probably has a parking ticket sitting on her car right meow.

5. Does one hundred things at the same time.

6. Will make you cry with personalized Christmas presents.

Taryn is an absolutely remarkable human being. She is kind, knowledgeable, modest and creative. She cares for me in her own goofy, crazy ways. She will treat me with gifts, food and drinks. And love. So much love.


As an interior decorating student, she’s got an amazing eye for how to decorate spaces with the right products and colors - especially in the store. Taryn has therefore made my life so much better and easier. She’s a great assistant, thinks out of the box and helps me get organized or feel better about myself when needed. She’s proactive, will come to me with new ideas or better yet - will just do them.


Honestly, Taryn has carried our store to a new level. It always looks great. The products stand out. She is always on top of the displays. I am so grateful to have her, I would lose my head without her.



Taryn’s energy is infectious. One of the toughest hardworking people I know. Her ability to learn new things is impressive to say the very least, and her ability to adapt and change as her environment requires it is amazing. No matter what Taryn does, she gives it her all. It has been a pleasure to watch her work through her interior design schooling and apply everything she has learned to her work and life. She is very talented and creative and continues to surprise us with what she can accomplish. Taryn balances a lot of different things in her life and shows an impressively positive attitude towards any new challenges and rises to the occasion every time. We are very fortunate to have Taryn on our team.

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